Thursday, July 25, 2013 - A thief has been arrested after allegedly breaking into Brad Pitt and AngelIna Jolie's car and stealing two iPad tablets.

The Hollywood stars became burglary victims last weekend (20-21Jul13) after a man smashed the window of the family's Suv (sports Utility Vehicle) while it was parked outside the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Bellflower, California, where their 11-year-old son Maddox was playing under the watchful eye of a personal bodyguard.

The robber reportedly snatched two of the pricey Apple goods and a cell phone from the vehicle before attempting to make a getaway, but witnesses spotted the crime taking place and alerted security guards, who managed to hold the suspect until police arrived on the scene.

The male was taken into custody and the items were safely returned.

According to TMZ.com, the owner of the paintball venue tried to make amends with Maddox and his minder for the burglary by treating them to free food.

Pitt and Jolie are not believed to have been present during the incident.

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